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M-Spares Ltd.

M-Spares Ltd. was started by Maurice Moffett & his son David in 2015 to service a gap in the market for competitively priced & readily available spare parts suitable for Moffett mounty truck mounted forklifts.

Our History //

Cecil MoffettMoffett Engineering was established in Clontibret, Monaghan in 1941 by the late Cecil Moffett to manufacture agricultural machinery and provide specialist engineering services to local industry. After his untimely death in 1972, at the age of just 51, the business was taken over by the second generation in the form of Carol and Robert Moffett.

As the Irish economy grew in the 1970’s the company began to manufacture equipment for the precast concrete industry before, in the mid-eighties, the Moffett Mounty truck mounted forklift was developed and priority was given to the manufacture and export of this machine. The Moffett Mounty quickly became the industry leader and there are now more than 50,000 machines in circulation all over the world. Although the company has passed through many hands since then, production of the Moffett Mounty is still very strong today.

Recent Years //

During the 1980’s, as development and production of the Mounty grew, younger brother Maurice continued to run the steel manufacture and fabrication end of the company and Maurice Moffett Engineering Ltd. still thrives today, providing general engineering supplies, repairs and specialist steel services.

In 2013, Maurice’s son, David, completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Ireland, Galway. For 18 months he worked as purchasing manager for Dundalk-based company, Multihog – another machine manufacturer – who design and manufacture a machine with a range of implement carriers and attachments to suit all maintenance needs. The experience gained at Multihog equipped David very well to return home to Clontibret in December 2015 to start M-Spares.

Having come full circle, and down a generation, M-Spares will service a gap in the market for competitively priced and readily available spare parts suitable for Moffett Mounty Forklifts. As well as providing spare parts, the long history in manufacturing and general engineering repairs held by sister company Maurice Moffett Engineering Ltd. means that M-Spares are also ideally placed to take on any machine repairs or refurbishments that are required.

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