Kubota V1505 Oil Filter – MS11005

OEM Part Number: HH160-32093

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Kubota V1505 & !505T engine oil filter. This engine is fitted in M4 and M5 models.


Length: 101mm

Diameter 80mm

Part Compatibility

This part is compatible with the following items:

M4 20.1, M4 20.3, M4 20.4, M4 25.3, M4 25.4, M4 32.3, M4 45.3P, M5 20.3 (New), M5 20.3 (Old), M5 20.3W (Old), M5 20.4 (Old), M5 25.3 (New), M5 25.3 (Old), M5 25.3P, M5 25.3W, M5 25.3W (Old), M5 25.4, M5 25.4 (Old), M5 25.4W, M5 25.4W (Old), M5 40.3, M5 45.3, M5 50.3, M5 50.4